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Increase monthly sales with the help of Epio


Present in over 20 countries in Europe, CSS Epio generates over 10,000,000 clicks for its clients every month

Founded in Romania in 2018, the Premium Google CSS Partner Epio helps over 600 European brands to sell at their true value.


We study your niche
and we use customized strategies.

Feed optimization
Feed optimization

We optimize the product feed to adapt to market requirements.


We offer you total control over statistics
and we decide the strategies together.


We inform you with the latest news from the market and keep you up to date with the evolution of the market.

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Our service

Solving Problems.

Pay 20% less per click and enjoy the power of Google CSS Shopping Ads.

Get exceptional results simply by multiple presence in Google searches, presences that can be created with the help of CSS ads.

Our service

Increase your Sales.

The sales increases of our partners oscillate between 25% and 380% depending on the niche they belong to or the quality of the services offered by them.


Average growth in the last 2 years.

* Billed monthly (automatic renewal)

Choose Our Offer.

We provide you with our experience and we assume the results obtained during the negotiated period

Total administration

% of the Budget Spent


Final cost without additional costs

  • We create the ads;
  • We optimize campaigns;
  • We optimize the feed
  • We manage the monthly budget
  • AI Scripts
  • We create the product feed
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Merchant hosting in Epio CSS

€49 + VAT


Final cost without additional costs

  • Create ads through Epio CSS;
  • Creation of automated ads;
  • Budget administration;
  • Feed optimization;
  • Campaign optimization
  • AI Scripts


How soon do I see the first results?

The first results can appear in the first week, the product approval period in Google Merchant is from 6 hours to 48 working hours which dictates the period of the first results.

Are the results guaranteed?

No one can guarantee exceptional results, but if you have competitive and quality products, we greatly increase your chance of succeeding on the e-commerce market.

How do I cancel the collaboration if I am not satisfied?

Stopping collaboration is as easy as enrolling in Epio CSS. A simple @email message or phone contact and we can stop any kind of collaboration.

Our customers

Clients we
work with.

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